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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bunny SARS 101

Never kiss a crusty lipped feverish child on the lips no matter how pathetic they look and how awww your heart goes over a tiny crumpled cutest person in the world compulsive comforting gesture you feel pulling on your soul as you fall mesmerized into those big sad "I'm sick" eyes as they expectantly look up for you to kiss it and make it all better. Yeah, that's the kind of mush your brain turns into.

Because no one will give YOU that same kiss. They'll all flinch back with *ewwww* while you curl up and die, alone, in a dark room.

See, that's the trick with germs. They use tiny helpless cute little hosts to suck in more intelligent and capable beings to do their bidding. Humanity's biggest failing against the brutality of the cosmos is the awww factor.

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