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Friday, January 29, 2016

room with a view

Plz to forgive me for weirdness, I'm trying to readjust my blogger template column widths, and search says the average laptop is over 1300 across now. I've got it set at 1200, which is allowing bigger sized pix now, but if you're on a tablet or older tech, I may have just mangled Pinky blog for you. It's also not helping that my new windows 10 settings in combination with my chrome sync are showing me several different things and I don't have a clue if I'm smooshing my columns for some of you. I'd love to think your tech will sort it all out, but mine actually overlaps the columns a bit if the pix are too big. Too many words already, let's go!

My day-

Woke up to a spider over my bed. It's cool, though. I think it takes the place of coffee. Not that there's any shortage of coffee beans here, but I'm still having difficulty with the idea of coffee I can't actually drink. Some day when we get brain chips, I'm sure I'll enjoy minecraft coffee very much.

This is the first face I see when I wake because my love is already gone to work.

Guess what her name is. That's right, lol. And she's a bossy nag, fussing at me continually for not staying home more and helping with the dishes and sweeping and stuff. Naturally, I run away as quickly as I can because her breath is atrocious and I find her unibrow deeply disturbing.

This is what I see when I look out my bedroom window. That is where Kai goes to work. Sometimes he works all night long. Maybe another day I'll show you his work.

Most days I get into some kind of trouble. Yesterday I sent a sheep on a roller coaster ride. Last week a spider took a ride, it was pretty funny. I didn't have my camera with me that day.

Last night I got my staircase of satan built, going up the hill to the temple and the portal to hell.

This guy inspired the whole thing. Possibly NSFW for language.

I'm still a noob so I stay in /gamemode 1. I have developed a false sense of bravery that I'm sure will quickly dissipate, but for now I get off on creepy stare downs with the locals.

The pond of death has exuberantly evolved. A creeper got caught and went down like flushing a toilet. Wasn't fast enough with the camera.

Today I explored an underground cave network for 45 minutes. That's a euphemistic way to say I got super lost. I had the wits to set up beacons at every twist and turn so I'd know where I'd been, but after awhile I realized I was going in wider and wider circles and never coming back to the original opening. Eventually I facepalmed and remembered /gamemode 3 and flew outa there, but not before this dork freaked me right out of my Galaxie Gurl skin. Worst. Nightmare. Ever.

While I was down there I ran into a million zombies huddled around this poor little guy. Pretty sure they were making bets before I scattered them.

One of these days I'll find that huge cavern again, big enough to build a cave house. Maybe I'll attract bats to a belfry or something.

All that exploration really wore me out. Well, I'm sure it was my long week in town on top of recovering from this nasty chest cold, but you know what I mean. My brain is coming back though, worked on several different projects today.

In a very healing place in my head now. I was needing this so bad.