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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#unBenCumbered, or a Pinky with very little brain

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This is Pinky's brain irl-

Hurtle out door, 5 miles up road turn around to come back for copy of keycode for Kaspersky, printer out of ink, make phone calls about not stopping by to drop lappy off first for Office keycode retrieval and squeaking in late to psyche appointment, squeak in the exact amount of late estimated, fortunately have lappy in tow and show Christmas vids to psyche guy, get to computer store and find out lappy wasn't needed for Office keycode source since it's associated with my MS account and realize I could simply just add new lappy to it, watch tech nerds fail to super facepalm with me for telling me to bring lappy in instead of realizing it themselves, facepalm again because brains the size of walnuts and these are super gamer nerds who don't even know what the Syfy channel is because they live and breathe hard drives, wonder if they understand the concept of joking, wonder if they're in shock because I'm female, continue wondering if they're pod people who don't realize our world is swimming in social media and it's ok to evolve away from dino brains now, shake my head and say it's cool to take a week installing Kaspersky due to backlog and walk back out the door while puns like unBenCumbered rock my head, pile up on paleo MEAT and VEG at Harter House and come home and collapse.

And now I'm about to rip into Old Amsterdam "Intense Character" aged gouda worth over $1 an ounce and let the sensation float me away. This is the most awesome dark coffee pairing I've ever floated away on. Maybe #napclub will consume me soon after and this will all have been just a crazy dream.

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