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Thursday, January 14, 2016


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I wish I could lay down and still get that sipping my coffee experience. I've been kinda thrilled to discover this week that my workout stamina didn't diminish over the holidays just because I wasn't doing them for several weeks. Maybe all the rest did me some good, actually, but the laying around started taking over again, so this week I've been kicking butt with athletic shoes on by 6 a.m. or before and not taking them off for hours. That has been the key to getting back on track. Once those shoes are back off, I'm done.

This is my wallpaper today. Click the pic to snag it bigger in search. I'm afraid it's pretty small at the source.

That's right, I mocked tech nerds yesterday. I should probably mention this was in a home-owned computer store, NOT a franchise, so you know they're the real deal (not forced into a mold by anything Best Buyish), and I'll make up for it by saying the only thing I actually found offputting about one of them was his ill-fitting clothes and the other was his inclination to stare blankly, and that was probably only because I bounced in like a tigger and took over and I think they were caught way off guard. I'm sure the whole deer in the headlights thing was just a genetic survival tactic or something. Like possums. Stuart on Big Bang is more socially adept. Ill-fitting clothes aside, though, they were both actually pretty good looking guys, it was just hard to tell in their natural setting. I hafta remember I myself was atypically dressed in a local print neon yellow running shirt. That might have thrown them off, as well.

Anyway, it was cool that one of them remembered me from last month, and he'd been in the back of the store at the time, if he was even there. Guess it's a big deal when a girl walks in carrying a list of specs and orders an Apache Pro. He said, "You're the one who wants to... do the... thing..." and I finished the sentence for him and he immediately launched into asking what kind of script software I was going to use, and I was all *wo*, these guys actually sat around talking about me after I left. But not a single one of them had heard of the TV show Lexx (I had to actually say it was a scifi show), and then one said, "I don't watch TV", which I totally believed. I'm betting he's got several systems at home and games on the biggest TV monitor he can afford. He probably doesn't have a clue Syfy even exists and that the BBC is paving the way for world sync broadcasting, much less that The Flash has home invaded mainstream America and The Walking Dead has become the live tweet standard around the world. These guys are way deeper in the ground than people who fondly call themselves nerds on twitter, and it's guys like these who are seriously creating world interface. So my mocking is out of love. I could spend a whole day sitting around in that shop bugging them with questions to pull out what's in their heads.

I've been out of my hole in the light too long with you guys. Going back underground and reconnecting with my own people here and there has been delightful. The singular super focus aspect alone has done as much to revitalize my spirits as #COFFEH.

that's real, you can buy a t-shirt

Just for all that, let's do the Ben booty vid as homage to all the super nerds Ben has played. Remember, nerds have butts and junk, too (and some of us have other cool parts), and I plaster pix of my own nerdy guy in his underwear all over Surveypalooza, so bring on the nerd luv. You guys need to get to Friday. NSFW, by the way.

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