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Saturday, January 30, 2016


@bonenado's fortune cookie from his Chinese take out tonight said he'd live a long and wealthy life. I told him long and wealthy could mean paralyzed and lawsuit from some kind of accident, and maybe he'd be stuck in misery for many years, helpless to spend his wealth except on doctors and medical treatments. If I were a genie in a lamp, I'd probably be like that, kinda mean and sarcastic, but in a twisted good way. I'd make sure the granted wishes entailed making amends for all the mean things people do, especially if they kick animals and make little kids cry. If I were one of the many gods floating around in the ancient days, I'd have wanted to be the God of Irony. The peasants would be terrified of everything they did coming back to bite, like a sick perverted kind of karma.

I run into that question every little bit- If you had three wishes that were granted, what would you wish for? Everything I can think of could misfire, no matter what it is, despite however good and unselfish it might be. Ultimately, though, I think my first wish would be that I could eat Taco Bell without having an allergic reaction to anything. Of all the food I really miss eating out, Taco Bell springs to mind the most often.

A follower I don't know anything about and have never spoken to before gave me a heads up about a facebook scam going on in, guess where, Brazil, haha. Normally I ignore fake accounts because most of them turn out to be web crawler sites that multiply by people claiming their accounts, kind of like getting caught in a whirlpool of bot activity for no other reason than that's just how they multiply. This one, however, was malicious, and I've reported it. It auto-rips FB without my permission and won't allow me to cancel it (that goes to the FB report page that trying to cancel triggered), so there you go. Brazil. And all the other related posts on Pinky blog.

Anyway, the top gray area translates to "Only registered people can have access to Pinky's profile. Join the more than 2 million readers who share their passion for books in Skoob." Skoob, you bad monkey. Actually, I don't know that Skoob is actually responsible, maybe they've been breached themselves. The original Skoob.com is in London, and the scam skoob puts .br after the com, which is Brazil. Google translate says the language is Portuguese.

Because I'm actually associated with a real author in Brazil, thanks to Lexx, it looks like I actually support his book when you click in the right place, but I'm pretty sure that's part of the inbuilt bot thing since we're already friends on social media and I support him anyway. His first book is in English now, so if you'd like to check it out on amazon, click this- Intergalactic

That's it for tonight. Scott wants to watch something else on TV, so see ya.

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