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Sunday, January 17, 2016

This is why I LEXX

I'm copying this everywhere, originally posted on my Lexxperience fan page on facebook.

I'm not going to get into religion and politics, but since I first noticed this last summer, the numbers have gone a little crazy. Blogger says out of my worldwide readers, the tiny country of Brunei now comes in second for all-time hits. Guys, I really thought this was a joke at first. Apparently it's not a joke.

Human rights, and women's rights in particular, are still a very hot topic in several countries around the globe, and people are still dying for causes that many of us feel comfortably past nowadays. When I came back out and started Lexxing again, I had no idea the things I say about a television show could make this kind of impact.

I hope Lexx creators, cast, and crew appreciate that this show they were part of is still having big impacts on real lives. Fans around the world still work hard to find ways to smuggle Lexx across borders and through firewalls, because Lexx speaks so well to what people are still being executed for trying to say.

This is why I Lexx-
Why talking about LEXX is still so important

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