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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What would you be willing to write if you thought it might save someone's life?

To carry another's pain
On top of my own heart sprain
Isn't so easy
When fun and breezy
Is what I'm told to feign

Playing a game that's not fair
Is a difficult burden to bear
When one is hiding
That worlds are colliding
And hanging on hope and a prayer

Imagine a soul nearly rent
Being the one who is sent
To hold up another
Who won't even bother
To get their own life unbent

Honesty is who I am
Faith is the heart of my plan
I must do what fate calls
Or I'll fail at my clause
And die curled up in my own damn

A dragon is born to set fires
And leaves behind funeral pyres
It can't be a pet
To assuage a fret
Because soon it comes bursting
From terrible thirsting
For knowledge beyond
And a heart that is fond
Of consuming philosophical briars.

I've cried for the last two days. Because dragons do cry.

Some people can sit back and let the world wash over and cry to the stars that life hurts. Others tear open the dungeons that keep our souls from seeing the blazing sun all around us.

Perspective. Or, if you prefer, the allegory of the cave.

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