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Thursday, January 28, 2016


I hear the villagers inciting to riot... I won't be able to leave my room without having to just kill them all.

Ok, never mind, I turned around and there they were. Mr. Bean is all up in my face.

Aaaaand I've already crashed the display driver on Jawn. Wow. It has already recovered twice. This is a gamer laptop and I've already crashed the display driver toggling multiple screens during gameplay. THAT is how hard I use laptops, guys.

By the way, those of you who've moved up to Windows 10 and upgraded your Kasperky, those little pop up certificates about my blog are because of one of my follower map widgets and my paper.li widget in the right column. It's not bugs. We're cool. If you're coming in on mobile you probably bypass all of that. If you've never seen the web version of this blog, it's got stuff all over it. If you're on an older computer, apologies for the lag and overheating and stuff. I know it was killing my old laptop, and I live here.

Moving on. Tweeps who've been wondering where the heck I've gone- I've extended my braincation on the advice of a good friend who knows #allthethings and especially knows how to help me take a step back without going underground again. Some of you guys are aware I do social media so I have a network of people who can monitor me without having to call or text since I'm home alone for up to 12 hours a day through the week. I'm learning to incorporate mini braincations into my daily syllabus, which is wonderful for retraining me back into planning and assessment without all the words in the way. I was getting only so far with words. (I know I'm overwhelming.) Amusingly, I've dropped from 6000+ twitter impressions a day to 1500. My klout might plummet, as well. I don't care. Doesn't seem to be hurting numbers on blogs at all. Twitter used to be my only traffic source. Things have changed.

And of course I'm dealing with all the cute little tutorials about how to handle Windows 10, like the crazy way the screen zooms in and out. There's a quick fix for that. I'm actually liking Windows 10 quite a lot. It seems way more secure.

Ok, where were we? Oh, yeah, braincation selfies!

Here I am riding my first horse. I had to look up how to get off. I was stuck on him for the longest time.

Inside the glass domed fountain. Yes, I'm showing off.

You may notice that Galaxie Gurl looks a little Brunnen-G.

Extreme closeup. I couldn't resist doing duck lips.

I also couldn't resist getting a selfie in the beacon beam.

I didn't make that, Kai did. I'm not at all proficient at this, and it will take all year because I hafta get up and move around so much. Always fun coming back and finding new toys! I've been showered with presents all week. Me showing off some more.

So I started this temple on the hillside thing, with absolutely no idea what all minecraft has available but knowing I wanted to do a hell outside the city theme, with a zombie pit and stuff, so I started constructing an open air temple and sculpted a patio and swimming pool out of a nearby rocky pond and I came back to an actual portal to hell sitting behind my temple and got so excited that I promptly ran in and got stuck. You know me, room with a view of hell, staircase of Satan, pond of death kind of thing.

This is still early on. Who knows how elaborate this will look in a few months, but I love the more rugged look of the old temple on the mount thing. Don't want to sculpt too much or it'll turn into a city temple. My idea is that the city side will be lit up, the further side will be dark.

Looking back around you can see our castle on the edge of the city.

There's a natural valley that funnels in on the dark side of the temple, so, taking our cue from the quarry idea in the Walking Dead, that's going to be our blood sport arena. The idea is to let zombies and spiders and skeletons filter in and get caught without being able to walk back out, like the way wasp and japanese beetle traps work.

Kai had the awesome idea to create a lure, kind of like the goat in Jurassic Park, only this is a villager.

I loooooooved the big flameout when the sun rose, wouldn't it be awesome to get a whole pit full of zombies flaming up all at once. I'm calling this the Pit of Despair, after Princess Bride.

Gratuitous shot of a zombie getting trapped facing hell in a worship stance. I can still open the chest just fine.

This next bit is all Kai. I currently have a zombie caught in my temple swimming pool getting zapped like it's electrocuted every time the sun comes up, so I was calling it the Pond of Death, but this turned out to be way more awesome. Check it, a zombie wound up stuck on a chicken in a real pond of death. The water flow keeps it trapped and the cactus slowly kills it.

I've done other things, too, like fly around the world and stand on the highest mountain letting clouds drift through me while I survey the horizon around me. It was breathtaking, but unfortunately, I still hadn't learned the art of screenshotting my game. This is like one of those vacation photos that's crap, but it's the only one of that thing so you hang onto it.

Don't worry, this won't be turning into a minecraft blog. It's taken me days just to get these, everything I'm doing is going very slowly in short time spurts.

Yesterday was hard. We were out of everything, so I did some extra shopping and wore myself out. (Fresh cooked chicken is pretty awesome after you've been eating tuna and soup for a week.) I had stopped coughing before that, but now once in awhile I have a really productive cough again, maybe all the extra work stirred things up. I've had a pneumonia shot, pretty sure I was a day away from full on bronchitis flaming through my chest when I finally messaged my doctor last week. Everyone around here who's had this has been sick for a solid week, so it's not just me being puny. Whatever this is starts out as a nasty head cold and turns into chest crud, which would've taken me down for a good 3 weeks and 2 rounds of antibiotics in the old days, but I've been able to keep up with dishes and laundry and shopping and appointments all through this. I've said it and said it and I'll keep saying it- I can't say enough for boosting proteins and healthy fats with paleo and getting off wheat and sugar. If a super spoonie can come back and get healthy doing that, anyone can.

I've got another appointment today, recheck on thyroid. I had plummeted back into hyper, have apparently bounced back out and shooting the wrong direction a little too fast now. We've been trying to fine tune this for a couple of years, we're talking micro-tuning, and I have yet to level out. I'm hoping he says that being sick and on antibiotics can make it do this, otherwise I'm heading back into joint pain land. Controlling this is vital to being able to keep up my workouts. My feet are always the first to go.

And now I'm just flapping my fingers. Time to scoot outa here.