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Saturday, January 16, 2016

check in bcuz MIA on twitters lately

K, truth and honesty time, gonna slam it fast.

My arms and hands got so bad yesterday I couldn't use them for several hours, couldn't even hold a phone, was texting family with one finger with my phone laying on my lap or a surface. I talk to a surgeon on February 18. Still do ok with lappy keyboard, especially in the mornings, but by afternoon can't hold onto anything.

Also, guess it's time to mention we've been watching Bunny for ongoing hematuria since last summer, I've already shared that she's been through some pretty big testing, and what I haven't shared is that she goes through sometimes twice a month follow up tests. The next doctor is a specialist who makes rounds from Columbia. So far so good, might just be a thing we watch for a long time. I'd prefer not to have convos about it anywhere. For now she's fine and nothing big and scary yet.

You guys already know about the ASD watch on Batman through my Nuts Before Christmas post series, which may get a couple more posts soon.

Other real life stuffs over holidays concerning people I love have included other big scary things that's not my place to talk about but have been needing attention rather than stress avoidance. Playing on the twitters and facebook are distractions for me, coping mechanisms. I can't say enough for a good psychologist if your emotional needs run deeper than that, although I totally advocate social medias as check ins. I love my TV and movie gangs and dearly missing hanging out lately, but I always say Pinky blog is here if you need to see what's going on and why I'm not around.

Never forget, I wrote this.
The Nerdist Score- 'Aspie Spoonie Lexx Fan on a Mission' Assessment
That was over two years ago when I was still clawing my way out of my black hole, and I had no idea whether it would ever get any better than that. I know the way OUT, and if you want OUT, follow me and start clawing. Never be afraid to survive, guys.

btw, people trying to get into the Pond of Death on mobile may not realize they have to click a menu to get in. It shows up on desktops and laptops, may not show up on devices, but there's still a way in. I'm only saying this because a few hits lately aren't seeming to grasp the Easter egg concept.

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