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Saturday, January 2, 2016

the first executive bored meeting of the new year

We. are. exhausted.

I haven't slept this much in ages. I think I've gotten as much sleep in the last 7 days as I have in the last month.

We made it up through the end of season 2 in the Sherlock marathon and called it quits for now. Never yet caught up on Doctor Who. We decided we're getting so burned out on the slam of new TV shows piling up in the DVR that we went through the timer list and deleted 15 of them. We don't have netflix, hulu, or amazon prime, just Dish, and even then there's a whole slew of channels we just don't get, like HBO and Starz, and STILL we're burned out on new shows. Definitely not like the old days (ten years ago, haha) when we twiddled our thumbs watching reruns.

I've been doing my thinky planny stuff, though. There have been meetings and executive decisions and lots and lots of coffee.

One of the discussions brought up in conference is that I have been extremely overextending myself. I assessed my time management and decided there is no way I can continue the TWD live tweet review AND do the writing I really want to do for Lexxperience during the 20th anniversary (I've had 1400 hits in the last 4 days by people around the world who take my writing very seriously, I'd be ~stupid~ not to put more time into my own hobby after neglecting it so long) AND keep organizing and working on material I'd prefer getting published sooner rather than later. Plus there are other things I want to write that I'm much more excited about than The Walking Dead.

When I came up with my plan to 'game' social media 3 1/2 years ago, I had very specific goals and wrote out a mission statement. I've decided it's time I stop detracting and undermining my own efforts with jaunts into lesser projects that I wind up spending several days a week on. Also, I refuse to cut out family time to pursue my goals, so since I must make time cuts somewhere, it simply has to be the amount of time I spend checking on feeds and timelines.

New year, new ways of doing things. All PMs and DMs are now my discretion only. There is nothing personal behind me ignoring private contact. I make just about everything in my life public sooner or later, friends and family across the States and around the world can check any time and see what's going on in my life without me having to stop and answer questions.

I'm currently listening to the Vienna Philharmonic while I wait for the Sherlock special. I used to listen to music like this all the time. It's wonderful just having it going in my background tonight. And it's about to start now, so brb....


And I never came back because I fell asleep again.

Scott's up, and we are listening to a DIY TV show with a table saw going at 4:20 a.m. +_+ This could be a long day.

The Sherlock special was beautifully layered last night. We paused a jillion times to excitedly compare notes. All these years with @bonenado, and we finally have a show we both equally tear into together, side by side like pro intellectual wrestlers. It really is a shame we don't do our own little podcast about it, because Scott's pretty awesome with canon details and comparing all the version character and story styles, and I'm pretty awesome at spotting every little bitty detail as we watch and remembering past episodes, plus I'm not just any Moffat fan, I'm a Moffat conquering the world fan, and what we saw last night topped every Sherlock ever written or made, or marketed. Moffat and Gatiss, in my opinion, are the most intellectually savvy writers on the planet. Anyone who can't see the whole picture of what they are doing are nothing more than brain level proletarians to me. I just insulted 99.99% of the world.

One of the list of blogs I read that I get email delivery on is Stone City Blogs. I highly recommend it for anyone who is bored, whiny, or otherwise frustrated over the little things this year. It's one of the first things I see every morning, and therefore usually my incentive boost for the day.

I've danced around the whole it's not you it's me thing for months, and then ok, it's you for a few more weeks, and then back to but I own that it's really me through the holidays, and now I just give up. What part of plz to stop poking the tiger in the cage can't be understood is beyond me, but if I don't rise above this NOW, I will forever be bogged in it. And I do admit I create the monsters around me because I am one of the most naive people on the planet. I've mentioned over and over that even my psychologist says I'm easily led and that I've gotten professional advice from a publicist to simply not respond, and what do I do? I respond. And then I get all pissed off because someone yanked my chain again. The whole crabapple thing was very real. If I'm triggering that easily, it's time to rethink how easily I fall for enabler relationships that wind up triggering my claws. Dealing with it delicately on a public blog is the only thing not making it worse so far. This is something I've been privately contacted about a number of times over several months by concerned readers who see everything that goes on in real time on social medias and understand the dynamics of what is happening, and while I appreciate some of the attempts to help me keep my balance, I fear that talking about this any more will only make it harder to sheath the claws, so going forward, I'll not mention this any more. This is it. I'm done with the poking mechanism and I'll simply no longer respond to it here, there, or anywhere.

I really love this song. People who don't get this visual, the character set up, the ship, and this song don't get me at all.

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