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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's not about Snidely Whiplash tying Nell to the train tracks any more

Yesterday I learned how to make chocolate chip cookies in minecraft. Today I spent an hour registering to obtain EU cookie compliance code on my own and still couldn't force an install on my xanga blog. I may have found a workaround to convert the java script, but that would take another hour and still might be shredded by the preset widget parameters, so I'm letting it go for today. The cookie law is a big deal. (Facebook, especially, is coming under loads of legal action over it.) In the last 6 months I've watched 3/4 of my worldwide readership dwindle away as that U.S. blog has gone dark to the outside world. Why is this a big deal for bloggers in general? Because our blog hosts are affected by this. Ultimately, it's their place to protect our content because they use it to make money on, either through upgrades or through ads that show up on our blog posts. I wish it were an automatic rollout, not sure why individual bloggers must do the plug-in part. I'm having to face (again) the possibility that I might still wind up losing that blog.

I understandably have a headache. I obsessed over that for an hour before I even got my first cup of coffee. I think it's safe to say the head cold is about over. Four more days on antibiotic.

One of my bigger regrets in life is not making a rant blog for The Flash. (See occasional rants here.) Last night did not disappoint. I'll forego the litany for a close up on a short scene. My favorite scenes are the graphic depictions of complex theories.

Just a reminder that these actors get paid some sweet dough to draw those circles, and that the explanation flew so fast past most of your brains that you don't have a clue more science discussion went into the Back to the Future series than it does in Star Labs.

Maybe I should mention I had to pause the DVR when Caitlin and Jay were sitting on the bench near the end talking about his doppleganger and all the effort they'd put into finding him, etc, because one sentence out of Jay's mouth completely obliterated the need to have even looked for the guy in the first place- his DNA was compromised in the accident, so a match could never be found anyway. Like neither he nor Caitlin would have ever thought of this in the first place. Like they were casually comparing Dunkin Donuts coffee to Starbucks coffee or something. Like shucky darn, all that time we wasted, oh well.

Click for a very nice Kevin Sorbo timeline review
This pic is from Kull the Conqueror
Here Kull is in chains
Disclaimer- the following is all in good fun.

Oh, I think I know why Kevin Sorbo unconnected from me on LinkedIn. Some of you have noticed my broad hinting at entertainment as a front for brain training the masses (ok, I didn't say it exactly like that, but X-Files pretty much did this week) and that being blatant about it is a great way to install doublethink and callous y'all over while you watch political debates and the world changes around you without anyone noticing it much (ok, I haven't exactly said it that way, either, but seriously, I actually have stated multiple times I'm on board with world order {if the right team wins the flag, you know it's Masons vs Moors, right, goes way back}) because world sync would make everything soooo much easier on the general consumer trying to watch TV and blog. Anyway, I love Kevin, he's not just an awesome actor but a stand up guy (admittedly with shady affiliations), and maybe, just maybe, if this is all real like Mulder believes, all the clues have been given to us and he can no longer be allowed to associate with someone who's taking it a little too seriously. I dunno. Or maybe it's because I'm cool with orientations and stuff. Whatevs. But I ran into this the other day. It's pretty old, but if you like conspiracy theories, there you go.
Kevin Sorbo Talks Breeding With Reptiles And Assasin Work In New Illuminati Film

Actually, Kevin might not even have a clue, maybe one of his alters runs his LinkedIn account. *wink* Ok, kidding. I love Kevin. He's an exceptionally pretty part of the machine that he's trying so hard not to actually be part of but is still part of but not really part of. I don't want him to question himself and wind up shaving his head like Britney. Best just let this one go. It's like actors say- they've all done what it takes to get where they've gotten. Being an icon for Good doesn't mean you're not doing exactly what someone else wants as a cover.

Now plz to finish your brainwashing while you enjoy the concept art behind this video. I'm not putting it here because I'm not in the mood for it right now, although I think it's brilliantly done. The end visual, of course, is a head that has turned into a broadcast satellite over a blood red figure. Ask yoursef- how many music vids have "satellite" in the title? How many vids out there have similar titles coming out almost at the same time, over and over and over? It reminds me of a fifth grade writing prompt, the class being given particular words to use in a few paragraphs and all of us working at the same time on our interpretations of those words in stories. Sorry, way off track now. I need to find something and get off here, hafta run errands today.

If you wanna know the future, just keep an eye on what's happening in global food production and Lady GaGa videos. It's not about her, it's about communicating the mass marketing of an idea, guys. She's a commercial product selling a private product that flies over your heads. Ask yourselves why entertainment keeps focusing our attention on surviving world-scale tragedy. Is it just a thing? I think it's distraction. Just keep people focused on the world ending and then they're so relieved when it really doesn't, even if something changes, they'll more easily accept it and think whew, at least it wasn't the world ending.

I find the whole industry fascinating, it's like a huge social-psyche experiment. If you actually watched that vid, consider that Kevin played Hercules and then Kull. I see no difference in motivation here. If you can't see this or don't get it, go back to sleep. It's ok. But remember what I said about losing.

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