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Friday, January 8, 2016

bravery not included

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I have a tagline on this blog- Forever stepping innocently into the offensive without a thought or a clue. Accepting who we really are and then being honest about ourselves to each other is something I like to call 'brazenly stupid'. As I have had to learn how to interact with others, others must also learn to interact with me. We each have our behavior boundaries and tolerances on social medias. I blog so I don't have to go into lengthy explanations on twitter, or redundant private messaging one by one saying the same thing over and over. Talking to people is not a game for me, it's a test, and sometimes I fail. Aspienado used to blow up bridges. I wasn't joking about that. Sometimes it's all I can do not to kill people for no reason. ~metaphorically~

I'm not on social media for friends, I've said this how many times? Yet, I'm always grateful to find there are people out there who seem to keep wanting to be my friend in spite of myself. I came back out public for very different reasons, with an agenda and goals. Friends are a nice side effect. Last night knocked me over, and once again I remind myself that claws hurt people and kindness is logical. However, I must find a way to remain true to myself by being more honest with my friends. If friends are determined to stick with me, it's my job to teach them how to duck and dodge my personality flaws, but their job is to learn that duck and dodge. You stick with me, you'll either get really good or really banged up emotionally, and not necessarily the good kind of banged.

I have shared in triplicate my personality, my problems, my challenges, my addiction history, more about me than I'll ever know about another single person I know on the internet. It's all out here. I've even got links to legal documents on how to handle someone like me. I've confessed to being monitored by both a psychologist and a psychiatrist how many times. No one who has read even a tenth of my blog should be surprised at having difficulty with me on occasion.

This being said, good morning, I hope your weekends coming up will be lovely, even if you have to work at a sucky job, may your coffee (or whatever) never fail you, and your socks never sag into your shoes, because that really is more annoying than anything.

Ok, moving forward. I must continue to strive to be both fair and honest. Yes, I found her. The light in my eyes, the song in my heart, the wind beneath my wings, as it were. The One. My aspie whisperer. I will be ever so much better for everyone else because of her. And I'm not going away off the medias if you don't see me, I'm just refreshing my soul and getting ready for the next big WORK! FOCUS!!! I know it'll seem like I'm gone if I'm not on the twitters as much, but you guys know I'll show back up, and you can always look on Pinky blog to see what I'm doing. While some might scoff at this, others hang on in the dark, and I know this is important, because I hung on in the dark for so many years myself. We can do this.

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  1. rules do seem to change its difficult

  2. Yeah, they do, don't they? Go along for a couple of years and everything's cool, suddenly comments about every little move I make start happening and the next thing you know it's all about not playing fair someone else's way and it doesn't matter whether something was inappropriate or how it affected me personally, I don't have the right to be who I've spelled out I am in triplicate on a blog I spent years putting together that doesn't seem to be bothering anyone else. This is my blog. You choose to come here. You choose to make yourself visible following me around. You choose to risk being snapped at when you mow over noticing what other people don't seem to have a problem noticing. My content is not about you, your feelings, or trying to please you. My content is about helping other people find their ways out of the dark, and trying to be honest enough to set a good example for that in a world where many of us feel lost. If you can't help me do that, get out of my way. By the way, saw your pix of the inside of your house on twitter. Very nice, you obviously have a nice life. Never blame your innappropriate lack of attention to my details on old tech again, that's lame. Now excuse me, my laptop is about to meltdown again and I have to shut this page.

  3. 20 minute cooldown, can't wait till I get new lappy. Ok, here's what I mean. You obvs spent quality time reading #ALLTHETHINGS before you got here and then you make a comment that is meant to imply that I'm the one with the problem. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v654/JanikaBanks/blogupdates/trollstats.jpg You don't acknowledge any other thing that's written, you don't support me in any other way, you just have to tell me you have a problem with me changing some kind of rules, even though your behavior was what originally changed months ago. By the way, this is what happens to trolls in fan boards, eventually they get outed. This is the kind of stuff I've been trying to get across that I can see, every move people make right down to the tech they're using and the companies they bought it from. Can we please stop this now? I've got months of you in stats, and I haven't even brought up private messaging and weird tweets. Your definition of friendship seems to be that I must allow you to bomb my family pix (that's twice now you've really super pissed me off) in the most inappropriate ways. I did my best to handle it the way I know how, and you keep escalating it into poor me, she's mean. OMG, dude. I know me being public is practice for being more public later, but you're really taking the cake.