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Monday, January 4, 2016


That moment when you look back and realize Sherlock left to go get high after the wedding, and wondering what he wrote on his list that night.

Most of my friends don't understand or have a clue why I blog. Many days it's the only thing keeping me from metaphorically making a list and literally going back under. No one ever saw how bad it got, more than once, for years at a time. One friend understands it and checks up on me. I'm sad that it's become too compulsive for me to know how to be sweet about any more. Aspienado bites.

My honesty hurts people. Many years ago, I was told by a man who escorted me to an abortion clinic (where I was tied down) that my pen is a sword. I have been talking about asploding the world, talking about watching Moffat blow the world up with ideas, talking about clawing my way back out of my hole and back up a jagged steep mountain, a broken dragon preparing to set a world on fire.

Back to the mundane. Last night was a light flurry of contact and investigation, and I guess this month I need to learn more about how forums work behind the scenes before it becomes a heavier flurry, like the coding and settings and all that maintenance stuff. Anyone who thinks Lexx fans are coming out of their mothers' basements to touch base with old friends have got it wrong. The last two Lexx fans who've contacted me are business professionals, one super hawt and published, another globe trotting, both in other countries, so when I talk about forum maintenance, I'm not talking about people sitting around like lumps on keyboards with nothing better to do. I'm talking worldwide fan base and I'd better get on the ball.

Plans for this week mostly center around Wednesday. I've got to get all my old laptop accounts and key codes pulled together for transfer to the new one, among other errands. My data plan will finally roll over on Thursday and I'll upload the next really long vid for my Nuts Before Christmas series. It won't load through the router because it's HD heavy. Got a good bit of autie traffic over those posts, which I'm hoping is a good sign for a book launch.

This winter is still ridiculously laced with ladybugs crawling maddeningly all over everything, and now our allergies flaring up with junipers and cedars going crazy pollinating in this mild weather. If we ever move to another planet, my first question is going to be, "Do you have cedars here?" +_+ Cedars are like winter ragweed for me, and I live in the heart of cedar country.

Just ran into the #oneword2016 challenge on twitter. Not sure if I linked that to the original original source, but close enough.

My word for 2016 is BE.

And we all know that "be" begins the word #bencongruity, which seemed to be my word last year.

You guys know my one word will always be fandoms. You guys save me in the night.

Existential Aspie...

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