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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Let's play

Hunting up and down for a baby picture with a shark, like you do. Got a snip off a vid. Hoping the one we really want got backed up off my old phone onto @bonenado's computer. Amazing how the one pic we'd actually go back for is the scarcest one to be found anywhere, which is ridiculous since I've been all over social media and Sharknado since it first happened.

Checking on my top 5 playlists for the month, so far popularity is in this order. It's kind of a big deal since youtube playlists are still pulling in nearly 25% of my klout score, and I make it an experiment by watching the difference between searchable playlists and linking protected playlists so that they're only played if I source them out.

gaga- protected, mashups
aspienado- public, with specific description
joker/oswald- protected, kinda psycho
z- protected, pure Benedict luvs for God knows why
vp- protected, Vanessa Paradis

Since old lappy is still in the redzone for nuclear meltdown, I avoid running playlists on it, especially if I'm trying to do other things, so webtime minutes come from other people- for this month, across 9 countries, biggest day was January 3rd. If I ever have any doubts about some of the numbers being me running the playlists while I'm working out or doing chores, the "z" list has the longest web only watch time, and since that is one playlist I definitely don't waste my web time on (Ben's face floating around doesn't do it for me, and I can't sit that long, anyway), that one is my control list. It's both protected and unwatched on the webs by me, so the ONLY way it's pulling webwatch stats is me linking it out. Also, I have other searchable lists, and watched my LadyGaGa list suddenly pop in a few countries during the Golden Globe Awards, but it's interesting that my shared protected lists got more views overall for the month. I link, people click. It's called driving traffic.

And this is how Pinky plays with statistics. Not that it really matters for me personally, but some of you out there take klout pretty seriously. I keep getting added to klout lists.

Have spent a little time learning how to split like a photon and be in two places at once again. Been a long time since I've been both underground and public. Back then it was all about myspace and forums. Now it's all about facebook and twitter. And G+ and youtube and linkedin and pinterest and instagram and...etc. I'm spread pretty thin. Still getting my workouts in and keeping up with chores around the house, which is fantastic this time of year, but I've been airing out my brain and steeling my will for a really big plunge back into grind writing, where I barely come up for air and forget to eat for hours.

Yes, I see the checking back every day for the Mantrid post. Love you guys, I know I super suck (going on 3 months now), but I've been scraping my soul back off a rock and reconnecting with my muse.

Remember what I said about losing.

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