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Monday, January 25, 2016

Galaxie Gurl

Sorting through piles of stuff in my head.

  • Back to Mantrid today. For realz.
  • Srsly, THAT.
  • Workstation probs, bcuz 2 lappys now.
  • Back on track w/ workouts.
PLAN today
  • Tuna for lunch.
  • Frozen burger out for chili.
  • That was the last of the food.
  • I go to town Wednesday.
  • Use magic until then.
  • My coughing has stopped.
  • @bonenado is going back to work.
  • Vacation is over.
  • Helluva headache going on.
  • Galaxie Gurl's trigger finger destroys everything.

Yeah, after years of abstinence, back in a game. Don't worry, I'm not alone. It would be very bad if I were. For instance, I wouldn't be here telling you, you'd just never see me again. It's relieving a lot of the compulsive spin out I go through on social media, helping me redirect. I can think while I work. For those of you with tiny brains and short memories, or simply just new to Pinky blog, remember I'm not the person who can sit around all day not moving, so whatever picture you just got in your head of me gaming for hours neglecting everything, suck it. This is NOT the same as sitting around watching TV. I pause the game continually to move around, just like I do my writing. It will have the same time restrictions and scheduling as everything else in my life. If you need more clarity on that, plz to revisit my all-time top post evah- rats, after all that I forgot to title it

It's driving at least one of you crazy that there's a period missing in that last sentence. ~*quiet muahaha*~

I've got work to do. Ta.

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