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Sunday, January 31, 2016

glaciers melting in the dead of night

original pic from here

Cool things that happened this weekend-
  • Was listed into a fave authors list, and I'm not even published yet.
  • The comment that came in tonight on this post from a real doctor.
  • Crunching numbers and seeing that traffic on this blog grew 422% from this time last year.
  • Being blown away by the sheer talent of the coolest person I've ever met.

It's important to make note of a good day. Goodness knows there are so many depressing days, it seems. I learned from Chris Hardwick's The Nerdist Way to give myself credit for the little things as they happen so they can become bigger things. Not noticing our little things makes us believe the lies depression tells us. Get that book. Srsly changed my life, see my journey out of the swamps of sadness into gaming my life.

Feeling nostalgic. These aren't my vids, just a few rescues that disappeared. They make me feel good. I have thousands more. One vid disappeared this weekend in the middle of me listening to it. Yes, I'd already pre-rescued it. No, I'm not replacing it. Very few get salvaged back out.

Believing every single day that what I'm doing is important is crucial. Bless the soul who created this vid.

Embracing who I am and having fun with the ups and downs in my life makes it all bearable, even when it's necessarily tongue in cheek. I thank God every day for fans and fandoms.

Enjoying the creative processes going on all around me helps me focus. I would have loved to see this one get finished.

This is my fave fanvid song across all fandoms. Me and this song go waaaaaay back, all styles and artists. A Sherlock version is rare and precious.

This is a still from a vid I recorded this weekend. It's a very tiny first look teaser, lol. Yes, I made it tinier on purpose, at least for now. The most talented person in the two universes is building it. She's also got other skillz and been other places that would make you gasp and fall on your screen. I've met a lot of talented people, but never another like her, never a sweeter, kinder, more loving person in real life from the internet, and I daresay gives me quite a run for my intellectual money. Very few people inspire aspienado across the board in so many ways. Sorry about the gushing, just been really blown away this month and feeling very humbled, something aspienado isn't very accustomed to feeling.

Picking my pace back up. January was a tough month, it's over, and now it's time to be awesome.

I know it's hard, and those of us in the northern hemisphere are hitting that seasonal slump. February is normally my slowest month across all blogs every year, and I see a lot of ships go down, but you know what? It's only a few days until it all picks back up again, so get your countdowns on, Superbowl, Walking Dead, whatever you mark on your calendars to look forward to, and keep your party shirts handy. By the way, saw Mission: Impossible 5 (Rogue Nation) this weekend, and the Morocco chase scene was a really cool way to start off 2016. I've gotta get me some new shirts.

This has been my fave vid all weekend, probably my most played back out of all my Sherlock fanvid collection all year. lyrics


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