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Thursday, January 7, 2016

compared to what

Thanx to a friend's character name on an RP board, I dreamed about an old boss I'm not at all fond of all night with the same name. It got weird. No, I'm not telling you. Because. Ok, all I'm saying is I nearly got caught hiding the butter, the office was a wreck, he was using an old WWII radio mic, and for some reason, the British were coming and threatening to break in and I nearly got caught stealing his butter out of the break room fridge. Yes, there's more, that's all you're getting. Of all the people in the world I never wanna have another sexual tension dream about, it's him, and one of these days one of my dreams will go epic and then I'll hafta deal with the morning PTSD of having raped and murdered my old boss in my dream. The WWII mic really threw you guys, didn't it? I think it was an allegory for how bad he was at communicating during our morning meetings. Also, I was in the store when the Twin Towers got bombed. There's way more, but seriously, that's it. Those dreams are nearly as bad as my old school bus dreams that went on for years and years. No, I have no idea what the butter was about. Yes, I'm pretty sure we can all guess. I stole his mojo. Srsly. One day he was off the clock and walking through the store in super short super thin shiny gym shorts, and of course everyone he walks by tells him how hot he looks, as he passes me I snort and blurt that he looks totally gay in those shorts (he had a wife and five kids), and everything just went spiraling down like a smoking biplane since then. He jumped on the death of a child in my family as an opportunity to harass me till I broke and left just before my 401K rolled into its 5 year thingy. The nightmares ever since then have been ludicrously laced with sexual tension and one-upmanship (I looked that up, that's the way to properly spell it). Doesn't help at all that he really was kinda hawt.

No. No new lappy yet. Tuesday night was all about @bonenado's pickup, so since I had to run in against traffic in the dark ahead of possible freezing rain, we went ahead and got the shopping done and I just canceled my appointment Wednesday and stayed home. So still on old croaky offy lappy. Yes, he's still driving my car.

My brain is all blurred up. This whole FOCUS!!! thing is only grinding my wheels on one blog right now, and I think I'm pretty much done with dredging my soul as writing practice. Some of you are going thank god. Others are going but leave in the dreams.

So, 2015- Conquered fears, processed deaths, clawed a few eyeballs, found an old friend, got Sherlocked, explained all the things, watched numbers, learned out to make tables, got a new phone, discovered banoffee, counted sox, ran with a goat god gang, had good holidays for once, decided being called a sox goddess was a little overboard with the whole Pinky sox porn pun and generally drew back into a shell, although thankfully not my cave.

2016 so far- Totally dumped a buncha twitter lists, scaling down public priorities, cut a few projects, sized down my gangs, going underground more to WORK, still want staff to help me interface with my publisher, but dang it, one last hurdle to wrap my head around called "close your eyes and hit that frakkin send button", and all kinds of Lexx about to consume my life while facepalming my way through learning more new stuffs, which my brain is rebelling against even thinking about right now, but I'm obviously in a mood to raze last year to the ground and start fresh.

The mitosis thing cracks me up.

this source rocks, click if you're bored
Meanwhile. #brainfry You guys didn't see the old days when I wrote limericks of luv to a dead assassin on an RP board as a robot head. I'm not very good at this stuff at all (although I'm awesome with limericks), but I can totally see this one if Khan ever fixated on a pet.

Oh well, moving on with the day as best one can with a 3-day (so far) headache. I actually forgot about coffee entirely for about 20 minutes because I was so brainless dragging out of bed.

This just made my day. I'm going to run this 100 times while I do stuff.

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