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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pinky pr0n probs

I'm going for broke. If I can pull in traffic for If Rick Lagina dies WE RIOT from a Swedish porn search (I'm seriously not kidding), I may as well just give it up and use my name for what it's best at. Ok, I'm kidding, but not about the Swedish porn search referral. That's real.

YES, working on the Mantrid post. It's going to be looooong. Like a postipede. Get it? Postipede. Because Dieter's also in Human Centipede. Nevermind. No, I've never seen that movie. You wouldn't believe how many people have privately asked me if I have.

More dreams about awesome internet stuffs in between waking up a lot with a really bad sore throat. This is my third day hurting to swallow, and it's not because I did anything porny, but let's see if that'll pull in search traffic, lol. @bonenado's throat hurts real bad, too, so it's gotta be a virus. My ears exploded somewhere in the night. Pretty sure it's the Bunny SARS. I think PinkyBob happened during a feverish haze.

I haven't mentioned much about @bonenado falling out of that tree over the weekend.

He was at least 12 feet up working on a deer stand when a board winched free and he turned into a pinball bouncing down 3 different tree boles and a steel stick ladder. Hit his head twice, scraped a shin off (still not sure if he cracked that leg, he's too stubborn to go get an x-ray), interesting details all over his legs from the steel bars he kept hitting, seems to have landed sorta almost upside down and yanked the crap outa his back and neck. We know people who didn't get up from falls like that, one guy broke his pelvis, another needed pins, actually kinda common around here to know people who've fallen out of trees because so much forest around us. So he's got all this super double whammy, the Bunny SARS plus the #treefail (likely a concussion), and dragging to work.

Can't resist. Click for more. Pages and pages of more...

Got a call yesterday that new lappy is set up but the Kaspersky keycode I drove all the way back home for last week was no good for Windows 10. May hafta facepalm my way through an upgrade and then run a new keycode back in tomorrow. I can't wait for world sync, this whole jumping through extra hoops for product details is so old. There's gotta be a better way to waste a half tank of gas. I'd love to plan this out for early keycode drop off, run errands for a bit, come back and pick up and all done, easy peasy, but we saw what happened last week.

Have way more stuff on my mind, but hashing it all out here right now would consume half my day. It's kind of like #allthefeels suddenly crowding in, and I suspect it has more to do with Bunny SARS knocking brain chemicals around than actual feels, so maybe the best thing I can do is find a way outa this one, get a workout going, and then come back to GET TO WORK! FOCUS!!!

Ok, this may be a reaction to something I'm not sure how to feel about and will probably never ask.


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