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Friday, January 15, 2016

my Precious

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I'm still about 3 shows behind on The Curse of Oak Island, which means I really don't know wassup so far on that show right now, so every time I see a slew of search hits come through on If Rick Lagina dies WE RIOT I jump because I wonder if something bad happened. And then I run over to facebook and apparently he's fine.

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We're still catching up on The Expanse, which took awhile for me to really get into, but by ep 5, yeah, this is a pretty excellent show, worth a little time, go check it out. This is the kind of show the way they used to make them, like actually reading a novel without the driving fear that the whole story has to be told NOW in case of cancellation. It's delightfully 'unfolding' in the best way. Thomas Jane, in particular, is doing a fabulous role play on Joe Miller. I was going to go grab a single pic, but dang if #bencongruity didn't pop up, so here you go, clicks out to more pix.

Also fun that Bill Johnson liked this and another tweet last night.

I made this other coffee meme at memedad first, meh, but Joe Miller is still cool.

One of my way too busy weeks, but it's all good. I'll have @bonenado on hand all day because they caught up on orders (really rare), and I think he's planning on the kind of mysterious man stuff that involves outside and tools and probably scary situations I don't want to witness his bloody demise around, so my plan is to construct awesome cheesy enchilada soup out of the homemade chicken stock I made yesterday with a chicken in my big pot. Pretty caught up with chores and bills and stuff, so I'm going to see if lappy will handle a Lexx disc for a little while to get some more pix for the Mantrid post. It's anyone's guess at this point. The tech nerds at the computer store couldn't believe I was still doing so much work on this old fossil, but hey, I believe we're all important and useful no matter how old we get, and we all know lappy knows my threats to smash it against a wall or throw it out a window are just my way of patting it on the back saying "nice work, pal".

This problem goes way back.

We all know how attached I am to my lappy.

So you can imagine how I'm feeling about semi-retiring it. This next clicks out to convo in case I ever need to come back here and mourn.

Just found out we're getting a Bunny with a 102 fever today, so maybe no web work. We'll see how the day rolls out. Might be long.

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