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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

the Calvin crud

and then my head exploded.

You can click on Calvin to go grab that and make your head explode, too.

Mr. Indestructible is going to clinic this morning. Yes, I'm going with. Yes, on super slick everything iced up out there. He's got the same crud I've got and asking me if I have a headache too- plz to unnerstan I haz berry bad headache too, dear, but can we rulz out concussion in ur hedz now? But that's not why we're going in. Hopefully I've put the Fear in him enough to go check on that leg. If I posted a pic y'all would recoil. Not sure how he's even been walking on it, much less going to work.

I don't have enough data plan to spend the day playing on twitter and facebook while we're out, so this is it.

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