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Friday, June 19, 2015

a Khan in any other language

Paper.li has invited me to play with a free month of Pro, since the new settings they're working on aren't available to free users, which I'll probably do because I've been considering going Pro anyway. It's a cheap enough toy, who knows, I might really like it once I've upgraded.

In the meantime, we're at a stalemate. I've changed my distribution outlets, removed the widget off my blog, and I'm going to have to really get in there and crank down on the settings, which are frustratingly limited for free users, but if I pay $100+ a year JUST to use *a* new setting they're toying with after jacking the algorithm to the point of me turning my paper off (I'm sorry, I don't wanna be known for leading sex shocker stories), then they'd better have some rockin' awesome other stuff I can do, as well.
It's one thing to be silly on my own blog or feed about stuff, it's another to jerk the general public around with distasteful shock jock material when my original intent is to entertain with fun, interesting, and positivity.
And I need new glasses. >=l I need to stay focused on my actual needs in real life right now.
This is a thing today. @bonenado is trying to make it home before they close the road. I've lived in this area since 1976, and I've never seen Springfield this close to being completely cut off from everything south of it. Seriously.
Mostly my day is just silly stuff while I get some work done. Who knows, maybe I really will pick up a little Russian. And I do seriously want to know about the voice overs.