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Friday, June 19, 2015

in which an Augment purchases office supplies

I bought index cards yesterday.

I really thought doing all this electronically on a blog would be awesome, but wrapping my mind around moving a paragraph here to another chapter there in a pile of 'pages' I can't hold and glance through is more laborious on the brain than using actual paper. So, index cards. Sections, chapters, 2-3 word notes, tabs on cards where I still need to work, etc. Every author/writer I've ever talked to has said writing a book is the hardest thing they've ever done. I'm finding it mind-numbingly laborious, like working on a thesis, only I have to come up with my own material from scratch.

I'm actually not as bad off as Mr. Earbrass. I just need to get my bearings on what's what, what's where, and what's left to do.

I keep hearing Weird Al shout, "Where's my liquid paper? WHERE'S MY LIQUID PAPER???"

TODAY. PLAN. I let my house junk out this week because the pain sucked so bad, and I guess I must've actually been sick because I wobbled into a little fever after I started the z-pack. Two days on antibiotic later, I feel like going KHAAAAAAAAAN all over my kitchen and laundry, and whadayaknow, I need to round up a weekend grill-fest menu. Picked up corn on the cob while I was out, have country ribs and chicken to BBQ, blackened salmon, cheap hot dogs & a can of chili, a giant top sirloin steak for us to split, lotta salad stuff, loaded baked tatos, and @bonenado has requested a blueberry cobbler. Well, I say grill. We've had tropical storm Bill over us last couple of days, all kinds of flash flooding, rivers are waaaay up, and my front lawn actually had standing water in it yesterday. We're on top of a hill... I don't think our alien ancestors migrating here from planet Plymouth realized the wet/dry extremes and all the ticks and mosquitoes, and yet they conquered the wilds and here we are. Taking lots of zyrtec. And benadryl. I need more coffee. Happy Father's Day weekend, all y'alls.