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Monday, June 8, 2015

Shia LaBeouf latte to go. Yes, definitely spike it with something.

Super thrilled that my fasting blood sugar is still coming down to 86 in between being spiked up a bit all day long the last 3 days on the prednisone. Even avoiding carbs my blood sugar has been staying up near 200 for 10-12 hours, usually doesn't do it that long, so by the time I can finally have a little salad dressing on some real salad, I'm pretty sick of nibbling cheese. Even the $20 a pound cheese. Losing weight again is nice, though.

Still fighting with my phone trying to get a single picture to my laptop. Still falling for the old nvidia card blackout when lappy plays tricks on me. Hello, Monday. This is me staring at my tech. Click it for more Monday fun on pinterest.

Oh, here we go, me on the prednisone.

@bonenado would like this one.

Ok, where was I originally going with this? Oh, yeah. I have a list of internet grunge chores to do today, and I better get on them because they are backlogging the same way the long countertop in my kitchen is getting buried under everything I keep moving every time Bunny comes over. Oh, here we go, finally got ONE picture through since last night. She felt pretty big in her new life vest.

Work music. This?

Or this?

Neither one is doing it, I need something stronger.