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Saturday, June 27, 2015

@bonenado & Bunny excaped & I'm stuck in the web, heeeelllpppp

That account just followed me. I can't imagine that even working for me and Scott. His Trek thoughts are a very distant 'way back there' in a long line of zombie vampires storming werewolf Samurais in WWI bi-planes and long bows. He tolerates my Sunny in Philly/Farscape/Matrix approach to real life problems only because 1- I make good pie, 2- his mom never scared me, 3- his kid is cute, and 4- her kid is even cuter. If our love life hinged on Star Trek we'd be all pro-Kirk (me) vs anti-Janeway (him) with hard skirmishes around DS9. Anything Wesley Crusher would escalate tensions, and we'd have to resort to the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition if we ever separated. Spock is a wild card we don't resort to unless someone wants to die.

Sorry, got distracted on twitter. Me in another life, perhaps.

Me irl.

And I am NOT a fruit loop. Someone's just jealous. Actually I'm being silly. I'm really part of a sacred fruit loop gang. You probably can't see that whole fruit loop convo I just linked because some of it might be private. It really started out with Trix. And in case some of you don't remember, this green haired chick from Dark Matter was Harmony, the bossy little queen on Stargate Atlantis. By the way, shout out to WormholeRiders and Holly, who'll be on the writing team for Dark Matter reviews, yay!

Actually (all this pink talk), my first inclination is always blue. If my local eye clinic had anything like this, yeah.

And I'd have blue hair, all blue clothes, blue shoes, an all blue house, a blue car, and you all would never see me again because blue is my recluse color. You almost never actually see me in or around a bunch of blue in real life. I almost literally cannot even talk to people when I'm looking at a certain color range of blue. I've been like that since childhood.

Pinkybluejacky (the name, not the pinterest) wasn't a plan, just an implosion of color in my head before a big turn in my life. At first I thought, Oh no, I'm going purple... but no, they never seem to really mix. My colors never made sense until I started studying how people survive breaking. I went over a bunch of stuff I'd written out with @bonenado and he thinks my coping personalities make a lot of sense. I am realizing only very lately that I'm really good at self handling in dysfunctional situations. I grew up super detached. ~skip a bunch of stuff I deleted~ Is it any wonder I went through an obsession with Zaphod Beeblebrox one year. Ha, left you dangling.
I haven't been able to get this song out of my head for days, so from mine to yours. You're welcome. This is like me and social media and fandoms and all the crazy trouble I always got into. This would be a great song for a super smash shipper vid.