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Friday, June 5, 2015

gruesome is the new cool


Click pic for 'Action Ben'


I spent quality time getting all my settings *perfect* so my COOL FRIENDS and all the things WE LOVE would be picked up by the bots, making for the fastest EVER way to scan awesome scifi news and fun twitter feed. Close to 700 views now, not counting delivery to subscribers. Yes, it actually has subscribers, which I'll probably lose now, thanks to that stupid algorithm change.

The new algorithm is about keeping it more random and scanning for leading stories, meaning anything going viral, basically, which means all the stuff *I* love to check out gets knocked off the bot list almost immediately in favor of sex, politics, and cute cats. Lots and lots of cute cats.

Every time I find a fun new internet toy, I wind up having to rebuild it. Have you noticed that?

Me rebuilding the entire internet.

Anyway, all the cool archives are still there, so I'm not going to delete it. What I'm going to have to do is turn off auto-share to facebook because that's a facepalm and a half, big leading sex position story, next day big leading sex something else story, and yeah, THAT is how I want to world to see how cool I am, let's just draw in all the flies instead of the cool kids who'd rather check out Lego and Star Wars links.

I have an option to go pro. I'm not rich. I will use my powers and my trusty wizard staff to obliterate the stupid web spider bots screwing my paper up until I have purged all the demons of hell without upgrading, so it may be a few days before it gets back to normal.

And what better day to start than one where I'm spiked up on prednisone again because I had a stupid latex dust reaction in a huge Nike outlet store from pilfering through boxes trying to find an acceptable pair of awesome athletic shoes. My fave Nike Air Trackstar 3 black/metallic silver-white is discontinued, but I found a pair in the UK online almost double the cost, but now the order is pending so I'm crossing my fingers while I wait for response to my contact.

And why do I want THESE so badly? Because gruesome is the new cool. (Also, the arch is the most perfect fit for my foot that I've ever found, really wish Nike would stop messing around with that.) From one of my surveys on Surveypalooza-

Do you wear your shoes in the house? My podiatrist wishes I would. He commanded me to BUY GOOD SHOES to wear in my house, so I bought these and thought Cool, I look like a space cadet. Until I discovered about a month later that everyone in the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide was wearing identical shoes… which I first saw on Ancient Aliens: Season 3, Episode 12 “Aliens and Deadly Cults”

:edit: I'd better mention that I later found out the style is Nike Decades. Click this to see suicide scene pix. Someone blogged about it, click to read. Here is an official journalistic look back. If you do the right kinds of searches you can see people scouring for vintage Decades on ebay and stuff. I say what the heck, mine look cooler, but they are post-90s. Close enough. If you want to see more about the Heaven's Gate Decades, click here, you'll see them often enshrined on a purple cloth. I was told when I bought my Trackstar 3s at Lady Footlocker in 2010 that they were the top selling shoe, and I think it's because it was the closest thing people could still get to the Heaven's Gate shoes. I looked around today and didn't see anything else as close as this, so they may be moving away from associating with that image now that color smashing is all the rage. Check out this very interesting Nike problem...

Note- I believe mass suicide is a social disease, where a psychopath feeds on the despairing who very sadly fall through cracks and think they find a cool support network where they feel like part of a family. I'm sorry, family won't kill you. Any belief system requiring your life is erroneous. Why do I love the black Nike death shoe so much? Because when I wear them, they represent living past the despair. I made it. I love that they have become a pop culture symbol and that every time we remember it, we remember those who mistakenly followed a social pervert. When I refer to myself as an 'evil villain', it's not because I'm a psychopath or a social pervert. I'm going to tell you a secret- ok, no I'm not. I'm saving it for the book. You'll find out why I'm an evil villain when it's time.

That's right, boys and girls. Prednisone. We'll see what happens.

Oh wait, they contacted me back, looks like a payment is going through and I'm getting my shoes, with free shipping, yay! Heaven's Gate athletic shoes, haha. If I had more money I'd buy several more pairs right now so I could wear them the rest of my life.

Thank goodness for whoever made this because it's the only thing keeping Alejandro out of my head today. I know, I was dumb and tortured myself Wednesday, my bad.