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Friday, June 26, 2015

somehow this turned into mild Felicity worship

I think these come closest to what my new glasses are going to look like, except my local eye clinic tacked $20 onto that. I'm getting the latest upgrade on hi-def digital lenses, which I think basically means my no-line multi focal changes will be a little more gradient in all directions that I point my eyes. They couldn't believe what great shape my 5 year old glasses are still in, despite many abuses that include actually walking on them in the dark, dropping them lens down on chat a few times, rolling over on them in bed, accidentally flinging them around like I do eggs and tuna, sudden yankings off my head forgetting I'm wearing headphones still attached to something, and many other things. Yeah, Bunny snatchings, for sure. My old frames are a more expensive wire/plastic combo by Michael Kors (eyewear not sold through that site, look here), so I don't expect solid plastic to last as long, even from Vogue (eyewear). The frames I had before these old ones lasted 8 years and were my fave glasses ever, alas, discontinued style.

I generally shell out around $800 cash every time I get new glasses because I get extras and warranty, so yeah, I know glasses. I've been wearing them since I was ten. I've been told I can't do contacts because my eyes have had almost continuous inflammation since I was a child, and very frankly was expected to be blind over ten years ago, but we live in a wonderful golden age of better health and nutrition and wonder drugs, so I'm doing fabulous, even with nerve damage causing continual pain and tear duct problems in my left eye. When I have serious talks with people who know my health history, it's understood that 200 years ago I'd have been dead by now, so the fact that I'm doing so well has everyone in the medical field cheering me on. I think we'd all agree that spending $800 for glasses once in awhile is preferable to being blind.

What a dismal post this is, bleah! Let's lighten the mood. I have this t-shirt. I got it way cheaper at a Penney's back to school sale one year, though.

The Succubus is the ep where Cartman gets glasses. You can preview a clip for free here that might try to sell you a download.

Oh, here we go, Benedict in glasses. That is one very eyewear savvy guy. By all means, click and enjoy, because I had to make it tiny to fit on my blog. When you scroll down a little you get Martin in glasses, too.

If you're still not sold on eyewear being all the cool rage, just check out Felicity Smoak, my uber girl crush. Even if you're not an Arrow fan, you've gotta admit she rocks. If you deeply need more Felicity, here you go. Give that time to load, it's tumblr. Yeah, I know I'm being mean not throwing pix here. I'm trying not to get sucked further into the internet. Those of you into serious self torture, just put "Felicity Smoak Benedict Cumberbatch" into a chrome search engine. Ok, I have no idea how this happened, but you see what I mean about getting stuck in the internet.

Ok, I totally caved. This one actually clicks to more stuff.

*need serious intervention* Pulling out the big guns.

Ok, I'm going to have an awesome Friday killing bathroom germs and making awesome crockpot stuff and not worrying about anything because right here right now, it's all good. I hope you guys have nice little surprises through your weekends and nothing sucks, but if it does, #aspienado gives you internet hugs and you know we're all in this together, wave little flags and let people know you're there, ok? Be your awesome selves.