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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

the wrath of the search for spirk

Call me slow, but I'm just now discovering that alt Trek tried to migrate us from Spirk to Khirk.

I know, what's all this starting right off with a video thing, am I ~*nuts*~? I've been so caught up in Johnlock and Sheriarty while I work that two months just slipped right by me. Time to get back to some roots here. Don't know if the Khan/Spock name merge was just too much. I mean Khack, Khock, Sphan, Span, Spon, none of it works. Khspack, how's that? I keep waiting for this gen to pick Trek up and really run with it, but this was the only one I found for these two. I hope this isn't indicative of future success.

And in case anyone points out that was awhile back already, I really hope I don't hafta remind everyone that original Spirk thrived once youtube showed up. You know. THROVE.

Wait, finding menages.

Not sure where this one was even going, but someone put a LOT of work into it. Maybe working through some relationship issues or something.

I'm just sad that Khan was put back in the box not even knowing his people are still alive. Anybody out there who's way lost between decades old Khan that drifted more backstory into novels and comics and where alt Khan fits in all this new alt timeline stuff, someone at wikipedia actually did a decent job catching us up. Khan Noonien Singh 

So far Abrams has gotten away with blowing up Vulcan and crashing a mega ship practically on Star Fleet. Will alt Trek survive at all??? Tune in next year...

Star Trek 3 is still hopefully tentatively scheduled for summer 2016 release. Last week an interview with the new director Justin Lin came out. I have a feeling I'm going to like him. Keeping my eye on trekmovie.com for more news. Until then I have a feeling I'll dig up every fan video on youtube just out of nerves. I'm finally getting on board with alt Trek, and you guys know that once I'm on board with anything, I'm ON BOARD.

Watch out, I just gave myself some feels.