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Friday, June 12, 2015

Things to Do on Your Phone When You Can't Sleep

Last night was one of those long can't get comfortable and wake up every two minutes nights that finally got so bad I made myself sit up so I'd stop doing that. I'm an insomnia expert, have tried everything from pills to 'sleep hygiene' to writing to watching TV to cleaning my house at 2 a.m., but sometimes the easiest way through it is to just get lost on the internet. This is a sample of me handling severe insomnia last night.

Dug up celebrity hair shrines, devoted fans do the rest, easy 10-15 minute distractions. I've been doing this for years, amazing how many hair shrines there are out there.

Click to see way more awesome

Withdrawal Symptoms of Sex Addiction
Skidded right off my search on symptoms of a med taper into sexland. O_O *wo* Right off the bat I was falling off the couch over the user who named him/herself "Banjo". I mean, not to mock, I'm sure this is a very real problem for some people, but my curiosity is so piqued over whether some of that guilt has anything to do with kids, pets, bodies... 30 minutes flew right by before I remembered I had a weird headache and was worried I would die from prednisone withdrawal.

Sorry no clicky, comes from restricted site.

And then I remembered I'm getting obsessed all over again with Khan backstory and decided I was too flippant on my the wrath of the search for spirk post a couple of days ago just throwing a wikipedia link out there, so I apologize to everyone who seriously wants to know more and really don't have the kind of time on their hands to do deeper research like I do (evidently @bonenado missed a whole buncha stuff in the movie, too). Here's your link trail through all things Khan/alt Khan in the Memory Alpha and Star Trek Wiki.

Original Khan history dates back to the 1950s genetics experiments in the story line and back to 1967 in our Star Trek viewer history. Please note that in the original (prime) timeline, Kirk's crew are the ones to wake up Khan's entire crew.

The Eugenics Wars are a series of novels that fill in Khan's backstory before he met Kirk, much of which happens during the 1990s. There is also much more to read on the wiki about the Eugenics Wars so you can shortcut the novels. You also find out why and how Khan and his crew wound up in cryostasis.

Arik Soong is a geneticist in the Enterprise series who comes after the Eugenics Wars but before the waking of Khan. We learn more about Augments (genetically enhanced humans) and what happened to the embryos after the wars.

Alt Khan was awakened earlier than prime Khan by Admiral Marcus due to changes in the timeline precipitated by Nero blowing up Vulcan. Marcus knew exactly who Khan was and had him surgically altered to be unrecognizable, had some of his memories wiped, and put him to work as John Harrison. When 'John' regained some of his memories, Marcus forced him to continue working in exchange for the lives of his Augment crew, who were all still frozen. Before the film came out, all of this was explained in comic books.

And NOW we are ready for Star Trek Into Darkness. And you can always go back to the wrath of the search for Spirk for continued distraction into fanvid land.

If you are really super hardcore into the alt ST verse, you can also pick up on the Kronos moon Praxis history being changed, since you see a glimpse of it in STID.

Here you go, Benedict having his hair washed, in case you actually do have a celebrity hair fetish.

I also looked up Terminator Salvation because for some reason @bonenado doesn't remember seeing it, and even though we saw it during one of my super sickie years, I do remember it because I was so ticked off about Christian Bale being John Connor. Now, you've gotta understand, I adore Christian Bale. But not as John Connor. Plus the continuity was so screwed that I was lividly frothing my way through it on a med cocktail that brings out my darker side, so maybe Scott just blocked it all out out of sheer survival, who knows. It's safe to say I'm possibly an even bigger Terminator fan than I am a Star Trek fan, plus I super dig explosion movies and will sometimes frame by frame them just to see all the effects (who of us has NOT yet ever slow advanced Darth Vadar throwing the Emperor over the railing and seeing his skull, raise your hands) (do this for all Darth scenes in all Star Wars movies where special effects are going on). That being said, I desperately need to see Terminator Salvation again to psyche up for Terminator Genisys (click that to see awesome trailer O.M.G.), which starts showing on July 1st, and guess what, Salvation is showing on Wednesday June 17 at 7 p.m. central on AMC. You're welcome.

And you guys thought all I did was blog and babysit and whine about my book not being done yet.

Side note- it's always comforting to find lengthy med forums filled with fear-crazed people going through more suffering that you are, and it turns out I'm not actually dying, but at least I know what to watch for now. The internet is awesome in its shared wisdom.

I'm actually bouncing around my house again, even though the pred is over now. Hoping I get a nap later today, because this is unreal, although I have to admit I'm loving it. Maybe a little too much. Crossing my fingers I'm not jaunting into a euphoria. Dang it.

So yeah, my head is all over the place today. In the middle of watching STID for the 4th time this week, catching all the background stuff. I need to find something silly so I can wrap this up and get off here. I love fans.