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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

orange you glad I didn't say bananaKhan

So I've been running this experiment for awhile, took this pinky blog link off my twitter bio months ago so I could gauge incoming based on other than people clicking the bio link, right? The 55% excludes my own visits (me working), the referring websites are mostly links I set up myself on my other blogs, social networks is mostly me direct linking to posts from twitter-facebook-G+-linkedin-tumblr-wordpress, and you can clearly see very little of my traffic here by comparison comes from search engines. I get more direct hits to the entire blog than any posts on any given day, so I'm pretty sure we've got some solid bookmarking going. THANK YOU, mysterious visitors, three of whom I know personally, actually, but the rest of you are mysterious.

Why am I bringing this up? Simple. I haven't seen this kind of response on a personal blog since the old Bluejacky stalking days. Why is this important? Because my publisher thinks I'm going into a cold sell (whenever I get my homework turned in), and I don't believe I am. What does this mean? My book might flop slightly less spectacularly than original projections projected on a virtual projector in my head. (Thank you, weekly projection meetings in a big retail and food chains, the only meetings I ever actually enjoyed.)

This is also a test run of how long I can actually sit in a chair today. I'm maxing out hard at 20-30 min now, but that's outstanding compared to yesterday, so there's hope.

I raise my coffee cup to all the people in my past who didn't survive me. I'm calling it a learning curve. Salut.