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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

the new Hogtown order

Today is all about tech hurdles.

1- The only bill I still send in a check for experienced a massive envelope cutting/gluing/slinging into bills fail when 3 envelopes in a row got caught and stuffed into each other before finally being severed from the roll, and my bill doesn't look much different from a crazy nouveau 6 legged frog I saw once which had 3 back legs on one side. Weighing options- is it easier and faster to go dig up a generic envelope and address it myself, or just go ahead and set up auto pay? Turns out it would've been easier and faster going old school, but who knew, so that's that. Since I'm still using up checks I ordered in 2005, looks like I'll never have to order checks again.

2- "Please follow the activation instructions within the next two weeks as all debit cards will be deactivated as of July 15, 2015." Um, got caught a little flatfooted today, thanks guys, by the way, it's still June...

3- I finally made an appointment for new glasses. Guess which account the groceries and other stuff came out of today? Yeah. Tomorrow I get to make a special trip to my bank OR juggle what the other account owes me plus my personal account, which I'm sure the receptionists at the clinic can competently mix up because they've done so well in the past with mine and several other people's payments, files, and prescription lens info.

I thought everything was supposed to be paperless by now. I thought all this digital currency was supposed to make everything easier and faster. Everyone I know who has been freaking out about 666 and scan codes on our necks or in chips in our arms or whatever over the last ten years may as well just relax, because our world could never possibly EVER be that easy.

Lexx always says it best. Season 3, episode 7 "Tunnels", Kai winds up having a claim processed by bureaucracy in hell, called "Hogtown". All the Lexx eps seem to be loaded up on youtube at GoodTimes. Not sure how long it'll last since Lexx is still for sale on Amazon and elsewhere, so go jump on that. :edit: 7-9-15 Well, that didn't take long, did it?